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knicin chicken:you are flat >:) to Earth Chan

"I'M NOT FLAT!" ― Earth~Chan


Earth-Chan is the personified chan/girl version of Earth. For millions of years, little people called Humans have lived on Earth-Chan's hair. Years have passed; humans & smiling critters have developed technology that has aided in their survival, but at the cost of polluting her body, which can either be interpreted as having caused her to become gravely ill and even slowly dying, or as some weird hair nuisance that's more dangerous to itself than Earth. She is best friends with Moon Chan and other planets.


Fact 1. Earth-chan doesn't have clouds in her hair (you are able to draw earth-chan with clouds in her hair.)

Fact 2. You are able to create chan as anime and manga. (You don't have to, it's optional)

Fact 3. Earth-chan and Venus-chan are twins and have a good relationship, but they usually fight about who is the older sibling.

Fact 4. Earth-chan has Earthlings on her head so she can't touch it.

Fact 5. Earth-chan is taller and older than Venus-chan.

Fact 6. Google thinks earth-chan was a cartoon.


Earth Chan is cute and silly. She is a very caring person and loves the Earthlings that are live in her hair with all her heart, despite the illness they've inflicted upon her. However, if you call her flat she'll become confused and mad. When Google states earth-chan is a cartoon character she gets sad.


Earth-Chan has short blue hair with green continent shapes, has bangs, her right sidelocks is behind her right ear, and her eyes are brown. Her attire consists of a Japanese high school uniform with a white shirt, galaxy tie and skirt, as well as black thigh-highs and shoes. When she's not in her uniform, she wears a white t-shirt with NASA logo on the front shirt, green-indigo or brown shorts, white socks and white shoes, or she can wear without socks and shoes. She has fair skin, and She look like a child. Earth-chan design in Hunter x Hunter is that she's flat, and her continent is different.

Related Works[]

Earth-chan is the main protagonist of a children's fantasy book Earth-chan and Friends by Tamuna Tsertsvadze, found on The book was inspired by the internet meme and teaches young readers the importance of climate change issues.

The book tells the story of Earth-chan and other planets residing in the Planetarium College. Earth is the only student to bear parasitic humans in her hair, hence, is eyed with scorn by her classmates. Her friends Venus and Mars try to find a solution to the problem. Earth-chan tries to get the attention of her crush, Sun-kun - the head of their group, whilst a boy from the junior class, Moon-kun, has a crush on her.

As shown above, the book holds some differences from the accepted norms of the internet meme world, namely that the four characters - Sun, Moon, Mars, and Uranus - are depicted as boys instead of girls.

Likes and Dislikes[]


Moon-Chan. TBA


most other planets

Rhys, her gf and blood moon-chan

Venus-chan (As sisters)

Pluto-chan (As internet friends)


Meteors. TBA

Aliens. TBA

Flat Earthers. Being called flat is her biggest insecurity and arguably catchphrase that she's known and remembered for and wants people to recognize her true spheroidal shape.

Black, white, worm holes. she's afraid of anything that is too much stronger than her and portals.

That Googles thinks she cartoon character.

Things to know[]

Species: Planet (Humanoid) You're not simping for earth, She not earth :)

Gender: Female

A.K.A Earth, Earth girl, Human earth, Humanoid earth, Anime earth: her Earth Mother Earth-Chan, The earth-chan, Humanoid Earth, Anime earth, Earth girl

Nationality: Japanese

Height: 147 cm (human height)

Weight: 40 kg

School Name: Solar System High School

Location: Solar system, Milky way (She can't live on earth, unless she has clone.)

Age: 4.543 billion years old.

Family: Venus-chan (Younger sister)

Relationship: Sun-sensei (Teacher) Mercury-chan (Best friend) Moon-chan (Best friend) Mars-chan (Best friend) Pluto-chan (her internet friend because they far away)

Japanese name: 地球ちゃん (Chikyu chan)


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