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Youtube-Chan is the personified anime version of the video-sharing platform YouTube. She was once an innocent and caring little girl, but due to her growing popularity over the years, has grown arrogant and detestable, taking money from content creators and other people if they say or do things she does not like.

She's currently 15 years old.

Personality[edit | edit source]

When she was younger, YouTube-chan was a kind and sweet girl who let people use her platform for whatever they desired, but as time went by and as she got older, she for some mysterious reason became bitter, and suddenly decided that she was going to start heavily policing content on her platform, demonetizing those for whatever reason she had, and removing certain videos too. She is a nuisance to those who just wish to create content. She's also a bad friend.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Youtube-Chan is a young girl with long red hair and white Japanese school girl-like uniform with the monetization button logo onto her shirt accompanied by headphones bearing the YouTube insignia. Although she's regarded as cute to some, her personality is rather unattractive.

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